Hoch 2 - Raf Camora album: list of songs and lyrics translation

Informations about the album Hoch 2 by Raf Camora

Raf Camora finally released Friday 5 July 2013 his new music album, entitled Hoch 2.
RAF Camora, civic Raphael Ragucci, was on 4. June, 1984 in Vevey, Switzerland was born. He is also known as RAF 3.0, and RAF0Mic known. This album is definitely not the first of his career. For example we want to remind you albums like Anthrazit / ZENIT / ZENIT / ZENIT RR.
The album is composed by 22 songs. You can click on the songs to see the corresponding lyrics and translations:
This is a small list of songs created by Raf Camora that could be sung during the concert, including the name of the album from where each song came:
  • Träumer
  • Bis ich wieder genug hab
  • Selbstzerstörung
  • Treibsand
  • Freunde
  • Wie weit?
  • Schwarze Sonne
  • Fort
  • Gib mir deinen Namen
  • Phantom
  • Endstation
  • Cobain Beat
  • Intro
  • Vergiss den Rest
  • Ciao Rocky
  • Ciao Rocky!
  • Schweigen
  • Einmal Star & Zurück
  • Orgel
  • Zum Quadrat
  • Wie neu
  • Letzter Song
We also inform you about the upcoming concerts of Raf Camora:
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