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Lyrics of Zenit
by Raf Camora

Bin in der Zukunft endlich am Ziel
Laut Ballistik alles zerfetzt
Und laut Statistik besser als nie
Karriereende niemals
Glaub mir, erst jetzt beginnt die Party
R-A gibt Gas, schaltet niemals auf R
Hab' immer nur den Sieg im Ferrari-Navi
Wrrm-wrrm, V8, vier Liter
Die Konkurrenz im Fiat
Seh' Rapper auf Kokaina
Wie Opfer auf Toilette zu viert
Wer hoch fliegt, fällt tief
Doch Camora hat 'n Raben, der dient
Sofitel, blick' über Wien
Im Jahr paar Mille Gewinn
Hmm, was denkst du kleiner Piç, wer ich bin?
R-A, Camo, R-A
Hallo, hallo, wer da?
Bin in der Zukunft, flieg' zu schnell
Laut dem Tachometer
Diese Musik hier hab' ich importiert

Wer mich nicht kennt, der ist schlecht informiert
Wir war'n die Ersten, ja, sie hab'n uns kopiert
Alle, alle, alle

Bin am Zenit
Bruder, alles bis jetzt war nur Training
R-A, Wien-West
Null Interesse für'n Rest, hör' und seh' nix
Bin am Zenit
Bruder, jede Konkurrenz kriegt Penis
Bin stärker denn je, veramente
Willkommen am Z-E-N-I-T

War nie mein Ziel mal ihr Star zu sein
Die Sonne scheint Gold, die Sterne Platin
Hab' den Mond aus Diamant erreicht
Bin am Zenit
Bin am Zenit, am Z-E-N-I-T
Am Zenit, am Zenit, am Z-E-N-I-T
Am Zenit, am Zenit, am Z-E-N-I-T
Am Zenit, am Zenit, am Z-E-N-I-T

Translation in English of the Song
Zenit by Raf Camora

Am in the future finally on target
According to the ballistics, everything
And according to statistics, better than never
Career at the end of never
Believe me, it begins only now is the Party
R-A on the Gas, it switches never to R
I' only victory in the Ferrari-Navi
Wrrm-wrrm, V8, four-Liter
The competition in the Fiat
See Rapper on Kokaina
As a victim to the toilet to fourth
Who flies high, falls deep
But Camora's ravens, which serves
Sofitel, glance' view of Vienna
In the year couple mill profit
Hmm, what do you think of small Piç, who am I?
R-A, Camo, R-A
Hello, Hello, who's there?
Am in the future, on-the-fly' to quickly
According to the speedometer
This music here, I imported

Who does not know me, the ill-informed
We were the First, Yes, they have copied us
All, all, all

Bin on Zenit
Brother, everything up until now was only Training
R-A, Vienna-West
Zero interest for the Rest, listen, and see nothing
Am at the Zenith
Brother, every competition gets Penis
Am stronger than ever, veramente
Welcome to the Z-E-N-I-T

War never changes your Star
The sun is shining Gold, the star platinum
Got the moon made of diamond reached
Am at the Zenith
Am at the Zenith, at Z-E-N-I-T
At its Zenith, the Zenith, the Z-E-N-I-T
At its Zenith, the Zenith, the Z-E-N-I-T
At its Zenith, the Zenith, the Z-E-N-I-T

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Raf Camora

Zenit: Translations and Lyrics - Raf Camora
RAF Camora, civic Raphael Ragucci, was on 4. June, 1984 in Vevey, Switzerland was born. He is also known as RAF 3.0, and RAF0Mic known.


Zenit is the new single from Raf Camora taken from the album 'ZENIT' published on Saturday 20 June 2020.

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