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Once in a millennium afrobeat/hip-hop artist, Napoleon Da Legend. Legend transferred his skills on the basketball court (where he got his name) to the wax. But wait: before that, he had to teach himself english. He listened to hip-hop like a mad scientist. 3 Lyrics and Translations found

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Song nameReportsDo you want the translation?
Mission Statement 20/3
Jiren The Great0/3
Chinese Creatine0/3
Black Privilege 3 0/3
Black Rice0/3
Half a Mill0/3
Encrypted Wisdom 0/3
That Time at the Gym0/3
African Drums 30/3
Black Excellence0/3
La Pluie 0/3
Absence Felt0/3
Exhibit Z0/3
Game Up0/3
Rap Pays0/3
Gigantic Egos 0/3
Conversations with Doubt 0/3
Black Privilege 4 0/3
One Shot for Madlib0/3
Chicken & Waffles0/3
African Drums 40/3
Lost Jewelz0/3
Master of Fate 0/3
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