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Lyrics of Niveauer
by Kesi

Ey, ey, ey, ey
Wuh, wuh, wuh, ha

De burd ikk' stå i vejen, for de ved, hvor langt vi går for det
Været op for mang' nætter, til at de ka' sov på det
Ser, de prøver vær' som os, jeg sy's, at det' flovt for dem
Ka' fortæl', det føles meget bedre, når man når toppen
Ka' ikk' blink', ka' kun én ting:
Indtjen', tjen' peng', ja, det' instinkt
Jeg ka' se, de hader på, hva' vi gør her hen'
Dem de' bar' et plus én, de' bar' et vedhæng
Der' niveauer til det her, vil bar' skin' lidt
Derfor jeg lagde al' de peng' til mit vedhæng
Og de si'r de gør så meget, men de gør ingenting
Så' det' aldrig det sam', hver gang vi ser dem, ey

Oh, ja, oh, ja
Der' niveauer, der' niveauer
Ka' ikk' tæl', hva' vi bruger
Der' niveauer

Jannic fik min hals til at dans' som en jubelscene

Har så mange sko, jeg må tro, jeg' et tusindben
Hun ka' li' mig, fordi min Instagram har flueben
Men har ikk' tid til hende, så det' ud og ind, ey
Kom og hæng lidt, hvis du har lyst til det
Hun går op og ned som forlystelse
Jeg' meget simpel, ser noget og jeg køber det
så meget is på mig, at jeg fryser lidt
Skynd dig tæl dem op, for det haster
Har hverken lommer eller plads nok
Så jeg spilder, og jeg splasher
Ligner min' flasker har købt flasker

Oh, ja, oh, ja
Der' niveauer, der' niveauer
Ka' ikk' tæl', hva' vi bruger
Der' niveauer
Oh, ja, oh, ja
Flasker store, fylder bordet
Lidt til mer', lidt til min bror
Der' niveauer, der' niveauer
Der' niveauer, der' niveauer
Der' niveauer, der' niveaue

Translation in English of the Song
Niveauer by Kesi

Ey, ey, ey, ey
Wuh, wuh, wuh, ha

They should not stand in the way, because they know how far we go for it
Been up for many 'nights until they ka' slept on it
See, they try be 'like us, I sew's that it' embarrassed for them
Ka 'tell' it feels much better when you reach the top
Ka 'ikk' blink ', ka' only one thing:
Earn ', earn' money ', yes, that' instinct
I ka 'see, they hate what 'we do here'
Those they 'wore' a plus one, they 'wore' a pendant
There 'levels to this, will bare' shine 'a little
That's why I put all the 'money' on my pendant
And they say they do so much but they do nothing
So 'it' never the same 'every time we see them, ey

Oh, yes, oh, yes
There 'levels, there' levels
Can't 'count' what we use
There 'levels

Jannic made my neck dance' like a jubilation scene

Have so many shoes, I must think I 'a millipede
She ka' li 'me because my Instagram has ticks
But I do not have time for he nde, so it 'in and out, ey
Come and hang a little if you feel like it
She goes up and down as a ride
I' very simple, see something and I buy it
so much ice on me that I freeze a little
Hurry count them up, because it is urgent
Has neither pockets nor enough space
So I spill and I splash < Looks like my bottles have bought bottles

Oh, yes, oh, yes
There 'levels, there' levels
Can't 'count', what 'we user
There 'levels
Oh, yes, oh, yes
Bottles large, fill the table
A little more', a little for my brother
There 'levels that 'levels
There' levels, there 'levels
There' levels, there 'levels

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Niveauer: Translations and Lyrics - Kesi
Kesi is a neighborhood rapper from Nørrebro in Copenhagen, with roots in Zanzibar. Kesi began his musical career in 2010 when, as a 17-year-old, he put his first songs on videotjenesten YouTube. Here, together with the rest of the collective rap, B. O. C. in a short time a lot of attention, like the reaction of songs like 'the Sleeping City' and 'Fissehul' (with Gilli). Attention intended for Kesi in 2011 abandoned the handelsgymnasiet Niels Brock, after signing a contract with the Universal record label.


Kesi has published a new song entitled 'Niveauer' taken from the album 'BO4L' published on Tuesday 17 November 2020 and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.

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Here's a small list of songs that may decide to sing, including the name of the corrisponding album for each song:
  • Tilbage
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