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Batterie faible - Damso album: list of songs and lyrics translation

Informations about the album Batterie faible by Damso

Damso finally released Friday 8 July 2016 his new music album, entitled Batterie faible.
This album is definitely not the first of his career. For example we want to remind you albums like Lithopédion / Ipséité / QALF.
The list of 14 songs that compose the album is here:
These are some hits sung by Damso. You will find the name of the album in brackets:
  • Amnésie
  • Quedelavie
  • Jean Reno
  • Iscariote
  • Périscope
  • Quotidien de baisé
  • BruxellesVie
  • Monde
  • Sombre
  • Débrouillard
  • Autotune
  • Beautiful
  • Graine de sablier
  • Exutoire

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