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Lyrics of My Whole Life*
by Chelsea Cutler

I've been trying not to think about it, I can't help it
I know you don't wanna hear from me, but I am selfish
And it kills me inside that you can drink on Friday nights
And not even pick up the phone
Yeah, it amazes me that you move on so easily
From someone that you once called home

I wish you had enough discipline for the both of us
Just because I don't know how to turn off the way I feel
I know you always fell out love so damn easily
But honestly, I don't think you ever had something real

Until you met me, drinks in New York City

Fuck, you looked so pretty
Think I fell in love before I even knew your birthday
Kissed you on our first date
Somehow I knew someday
This would hurt 'cause I could never let you go

Oh, I'll spend my whole life
Hoping your heart is free, heart is free
Oh, I'll spend my whole life
Hoping your heart is free, heart is free

Translation in Spanish of the Song
My Whole Life* by Chelsea Cutler

He estado tratando de no pensar en ello, no lo puedo evitar
Sé que usted no quiere oír de mí, pero soy egoísta
Y me mata por dentro que se puede beber en las noches de viernes
Y ni siquiera levantar el teléfono
Sí, lo que me sorprende es que de pasar tan fácilmente
De alguien que una vez llamó a su casa

I se desea tener la disciplina suficiente para los dos de nosotros
Sólo porque no sé cómo desactivar la manera que me siento
Sé que siempre se cayó amor tan condenadamente fácil
Pero honestamente, no creo que alguna vez había algo real

Until usted me conoció, bebidas en la Ciudad de Nueva York

Joder, se te veía tan bonita
Creo que me enamoré antes de que yo ni siquiera sabía de su cumpleaños
Besado en nuestra primera fecha
De alguna manera sabía que algún día
Esto perjudicaría porque yo nunca podría dejarte ir

Oh, voy a pasar toda mi vida
Con la esperanza de que su corazón está libre, el corazón es gratis
Oh, voy a pasar toda mi vida
Con la esperanza de que su corazón está libre, el corazón es gratis

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Chelsea Cutler

My Whole Life*: Translations and Lyrics - Chelsea Cutler
Born: 12 February 1997, 22-year-old singer, songwriter, producer Chelsea Cutler has come a long way since recording songs in his bedroom. In just 17 years old, he began uploading acoustic covers to Soundcloud, where he would blend songs of different genres. The covers quickly accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams and captured the attention of major blogs and artists. Shortly after, she self-published her first original songs “Wake Up” and “anything For You”, has presented his exceptional writing skills.

My Whole Life*

We present you the lyrics and the translation of My Whole Life*, a news song created by Chelsea Cutler taken from the album 'How to be Human'

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