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Lyrics of Untitled Album Track
by Chelsea Cutler

Fell asleep with makeup on
Wishin' you're the reason that my clothes came off
And I'm so far gone
I don't even know if I know you at all

shouldn't be driving right now
But all these benzos in my blood
shouldn't be tryna doubt you

You told me to come over
Then you told me I should go
It's colder this October
So I wait for a cab home

I'm not over it
Tell me is it over yet
Givin' me a hundred reasons why I should let you go

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Untitled Album Track by Chelsea Cutler

Fell dormido con maquillaje
Wishin' eres la razón de que mi ropa se salió
Y estoy tan lejos
Ni siquiera sé si yo sé que en todos los

no deberían conducir a la derecha ahora
Pero todos estos benzos en mi sangre
no debería ser tryna dudar de ti

si no me dijo de venir
Entonces me dijo que yo debería ir a
Es más fríos de este mes de octubre
Así que me espere un taxi a casa

I no estoy sobre él
Dime es más aún
Givin' me de un centenar de razones por las que debo dejarte ir

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Chelsea Cutler

Untitled Album Track: Translations and Lyrics - Chelsea Cutler
Born: 12 February 1997, 22-year-old singer, songwriter, producer Chelsea Cutler has come a long way since recording songs in his bedroom. In just 17 years old, he began uploading acoustic covers to Soundcloud, where he would blend songs of different genres. The covers quickly accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams and captured the attention of major blogs and artists. Shortly after, she self-published her first original songs “Wake Up” and “anything For You”, has presented his exceptional writing skills.

Untitled Album Track

Untitled Album Track is the new single from Chelsea Cutler taken from the album 'How to be Human'.

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