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Lyrics of Home
by Caribou

She just does what she pleases
'Cause she's happy on her own
And she picks up all the pieces
She's going home

Yeah, she's going home

It don't seem so easy
Does she get her own her own
There's so much she can teach me
She's going home

Yeah, she's going home

Does she?
Does she?

She's better off when she
Now she's
Yeah, she's going home

Yeah, she's going home

Yeah, she's going home

She's going home

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Home by Caribou

She sólo hace lo que ella quiera
Porque ella es feliz en su propio
Y ella recoge todas las piezas
Ella va a casa

Yeah, ella va a casa

It no parece tan fácil
Ella consigue su propio su propio
Hay tanto que ella me puede enseñar
Ella va a casa

Yeah, ella va a casa

Does ella?

She es mejor cuando ella
Ahora ella
Sí, ella va a casa

Yeah, ella va a casa

Yeah, ella va a casa

She va a casa

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Home: Translations and Lyrics - Caribou
Daniel Victor Snaith (born 1978), known as Caribou, is a Canadian electronic music producer from Dundas, Ontario.


Home is the new single from Caribou taken from the album ''.

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