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Stargazers: Translation in Spanish and Lyrics - Avantasia Spanish
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Lyrics of Stargazers
by Avantasia

When the sun rose to wake another day
They were gone, gone without a trace
Babylon, craving in lucidity
Babylon, the fire will remain

And the sun razes from their memory
What the dark had cyphered in the sky
And the flame's burning their lucidity
Babylon, rise up to the night

Oh, let us wander
Let us wander between the worlds
We override their principles
Abrogate horizons
Abandon mental gravity
Oh, we overrule the eye
Compromise your sanity
To heaven
To hell

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Stargazers by Avantasia

Cuando el sol se elevó a despertar otro día
Ellos se habían ido, ido sin dejar rastro
Babilonia, el ansia de lucidez
Babilonia, el fuego se mantendrá

Y el sol arrasa de su memoria
Lo que la oscuridad había cifrada en el cielo
Y la llama ardiente de su lucidez
Babilonia, a la altura de la noche

Oh, vamos a pasear
Nos deja vagar entre los mundos
Omitimos sus principios
Derogar horizontes
Abandonar mental de gravedad
Oh, se anula el ojo
Poner en peligro su cordura
Al cielo
Al infierno

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Stargazers: Translations and Lyrics - Avantasia
Avantasia is the solo project of the German Power Metal vocalist Tobias Sammet, vocalist and frontman of the Band Edguy. Sammet is the singer and song-writer of the project.


We present you the lyrics and the translation of Stargazers, a news song created by Avantasia taken from the album ''

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