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Church - Galantis album: list of songs and lyrics translation

Informations about the album Church by Galantis

Galantis finally released Saturday 27 February 2021 his new music album, entitled Church.
Galantis is a Swedish electronic dance-pop duo consisting of Linus Eklow (also known as Style of Eye) and Christian Karlsson (also known as Bloodshy; part of the producer duo Bloodshy & amp; Avant and a third by indie pop band Miike Snow). Formed in 2012, the duo have since released two albums: Pharmacy, in 2015, and The Aviary, in 2017, as well as a self-titled EP and several hit singles. They were nominated for the 2016 Grammy Best Dance Recording for 'Runaway (U & amp; I)'. This album is definitely not the first of his career. For example we want to remind you albums like Pharmacy.
The list of 5 songs that compose the album is here:
Here's a small list of songs that Galantis may decide to sing, including the name of the corrisponding album for each song:
  • Steel
  • Holy Water
  • San Francisco
  • Unless It Hurts
  • Faith by Galantis & Dolly Parton

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