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Terms of Use
Acceptance of the Terms of Service

The acceptance of the Terms of Service consists in the acceptance of what is written subsequently and grants us explicit consent to its full implementation.

Definition of BeatGoGo Translator

BeatGoGo Translator is a service created with the aim of solving the problem of poor quality translations in our network, following the numerous reports of willingness to improve them by visitors.
BeatGoGo Translator is a free service that gives users who have the desire and ability the possibility to improve the translations of their favorite songs.

Internal Regulations
  1. The service must be used in a spirit of mutual help in order to offer a better service to future visitors.
  2. Anyone who translates songs through this service does so completely free of charge and agrees to make the fruit of their work available to everyone.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to try to use the service improperly and to try to violate its security.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to post sentences not related to translation or to try to spam.
  5. Once a translation has been submitted, it will undergo an evaluation check. The translation can also be rejected, in which case it will have to be corrected and resent. If the translation sent violates our internal regulations, measures will be taken in this regard. Both in case of acceptance and in case of refusal, you will receive an e-mail notification from us.
  6. There is also a ranking of the best translators. Reaching the top of the ranking does not entitle you to any material reward, only the personal and visible satisfaction of having contributed to the development of a free service.
  7. There are no fees or salaries of any kind for the translations sent. Thanks will be added to the translation page, using the 'Public Name' of the person who translated the song as the subject of the thanks.
  8. The public name of a translator can be the person's proper name or a nickname. It is forbidden to use vulgar, bad taste, hateful or spamming names.
  9. A translator's public name can be changed at any time, but the change will only apply to future translations.
  10. The subscription E-Mail address will not be used or sold to third parties. Furthermore, it will not be made public within the BeatGoGo network. Its only function is to uniquely identify a user at the time of access. We will not send commercial or advertising E-mails from us or from third party customers attributable to us.