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Told Ya: Translation in Spanish and Lyrics - Whipped Cream Spanish
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Lyrics of Told Ya
by Whipped Cream

We came a long way
Uh, ha-ha-ha-ha
Yeah, let's go

I just got a check i spend it all  my shoez
If you do not fuck with me 

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Told Ya by Whipped Cream

Hemos venido una manera larga
Uh, ha-ha-ha-ha
Látigo, Látigo, Látigo De La Caña De
Sí, vamos a ir

I se acaba de comprobar que la pase a todos mis shoez
Si usted no me jodas

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Told Ya: Translations and Lyrics - Whipped Cream

Told Ya

We present you the lyrics and the translation of Told Ya, a news song created by Whipped Cream taken from the album ''

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