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Lyrics of Gritty Pretty
by Tove Lo

Bene, questo è Mateo
Sentito  parlare di Uma?
So  come ci si sente

Ma ricorda, non puoi mangiare lo stesso piatto ogni giorno

E con il piatto intendo

Translation in English of the Song
Gritty Pretty by Tove Lo

Well, this is Mateo
Heard of Uma?
I know how you feel

but remember, you cannot eat the same dish every day

And with the dish I mean

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Tove Lo

Gritty Pretty: Translations and Lyrics - Tove Lo
Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, professionally known as Tove Lo pronounced Too-veh-Lu), is a Swedish singer-songwriter born and grew up in Djursholm, Sweden.

Gritty Pretty

We present you the lyrics and the translation of Gritty Pretty, a news song created by Tove Lo taken from the album 'Sunshine Kitty'

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