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Three Marlenas: Translation in Spanish and Lyrics - The Wallflowers Spanish
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Lyrics of Three Marlenas
by The Wallflowers

Alone tonight in somebody's bed
She gone and dyed her hair red
She only went and did what she did
Cause he would drive her home then
There's lipstick on her new dress
She hadn't even paid yet
But it doesn't matter where the money went
It wasn't how she paid her rent

One, two, three Marlenas
There's got to be someone we can trust
Out here among us

Now lookin' out across the city lights
She thought they'd be a good pair
Now he could make a living sellin' cars
Maybe she could work there
She's gonna pick a star in the night
And pray to make it all right
She tried so hard not to pick a kite

She always prayed to heaven lights

One, two, three Marlenas
It's see no, speak no, hear no evil about us
The three Marlenas

Man, I think I'm gonna buy myself a Rolls
Maybe a Chevrolet
One where I can pull that top down
Just let my radio play
Now I'm headin' out on that highway
I'm goin' right out of state
Now I ain't lookin' back until I'm gone
Right through heaven's gates

Three Marlenas
Three Marlenas

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Three Marlenas by The Wallflowers

Sola esta noche en la cama de alguien
Ella se ha ido y se tiñó el pelo de rojo
Sólo ella fue e hizo lo que ella hizo
Causa que él la lleve a su casa, a continuación,
Hay lápiz labial en su nuevo vestido
Ella ni siquiera había pagado todavía
Pero no importa a dónde se fue el dinero
No era cómo pagó su alquiler

inguno, dos, tres Marlenas
Tiene que ser alguien en quien podemos confiar
Aquí entre nosotros

Now lookin' out a través de las luces de la ciudad
Ella creía que iba a ser una buena pareja
Ahora él podía ganarse la vida vendiendo coches
Tal vez ella podría trabajar allí
Ella va a elegir una de las estrellas en la noche
Y rezar para que todo derecho
Ella trató tan difícil no elegir un cometa

Ella siempre rezaba al cielo las luces

inguno, dos, tres Marlenas
Es no ver, no hablar, no escuchar el mal acerca de nosotros
Los tres Marlenas

Man, creo que me voy a comprar yo un Rolls
Tal vez un Chevrolet
Donde puedo sacar de arriba hacia abajo
Acabo de dejar a mi el juego de radio
Ahora estoy headin' en esa carretera
Estoy goin' a la derecha de estado
Ahora no estoy mirando hacia atrás hasta que me haya ido
Derecho a través de los portales del cielo

Three Marlenas
Tres Marlenas

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Three Marlenas: Translations and Lyrics - The Wallflowers
The Wallflowers are a return to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll band was formed in Los Angeles in 1989. The group was born from an idea of singer-songwriter Jakob Dylan, who came into the business with a unique blessing/curse: is Bob Dylan's son. Despite the frequent comparisons to his father, Jakob has emerged as a talented artist in her own right. The group is best known for his second album, 1996's multi-platinum album ' Bringing Down the Horse, which has generated the hit singles “One Headlight,” “6th Avenue heartache,” “Three Marlenas,” and “The Difference”.

Three Marlenas

Three Marlenas is the new single from The Wallflowers taken from the album ''.

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