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Lyrics of Parallel Universe
by Soriano

Parallel parkin'
Parallel universe, I'm livin' in
Swimmin' in the ocean
Hopin' I could wake up as a fish again
I've been rollercoastin', posted
Just lost my innocence
We be always fussin', fightin'
When I'm on my shit again

Parallel parkin'
Parallel universe, I'm livin' in
When my heart was frozen, broken
Never thought I it would tick again
I was all alone then, lost in the moment of my ignorance
Hennessy dreams, I woke up swearin' I'ma never get lit again

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Parallel Universe by Soriano

En paralelo parkin'
Universo paralelo, yo soy livin' en
Swimmin' en el océano
Hopin' yo podría despertar como un pez de nuevo
He sido rollercoastin', publicado
Acaba de perder mi inocencia
Hemos de ser siempre fussin', fightin'
Cuando estoy en mi mierda de nuevo
En paralelo parkin'
Universo paralelo, yo soy livin' en
Cuando mi corazón se congeló, el roto
Nunca pensé que sería de la garrapata de nuevo
Yo estaba sola, entonces, perdido en el momento de mi ignorancia
Hennessy sueños, me desperté swearin' soy nunca se iluminan de nuevo

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Parallel Universe: Translations and Lyrics - Soriano
SORIANO is an artist/producer from New York, NY. He is best known for his production on fellow new Yorker & Frequent collaborator Eli sostre projects “Still up All Night” & “Sleep Is For the Weak”, with the executive production of both Eli & Soriano. His production has been featured in XXL, the Source, The Fader & HotNewHipHop among other outlets and platforms. Not only can Soriano produce, but he is an artist. In 2016, he published his first work, an EP entitled “Everything Is A Lie” and, most recently, a full length effort entitled “Air Ticket to Hell”.

Parallel Universe

We present you the lyrics and the translation of Parallel Universe, a news song created by Soriano taken from the album ''

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