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Say!fanfare!: Translation in Italian and Lyrics - Shirakami Fubuki Italian
Say!fanfare!: Translation in English and Lyrics - Shirakami Fubuki English
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Lyrics of Say!fanfare!
by Shirakami Fubuki

(いぇーい! はい! はい!)
(Foo! せーのっ! Are you Ready?)



支え合ってほら 届けますよ この声を

ほら その顔上げて みんなで手を取れば

ほら 推しお仕事も止まらない 全力ですから!
夢を書きかえたら 追いかけ続けよう

(いぇーい! はい! はい!)
(Foo! せーのっ! Go! Go! Let's go!)


お茶の合間 すこんなおやつで(ンにゃあッ!?)

叶えたい思いは 言葉にして 一つ一つ


ほら その手を上げて みんなで輪になれば
まだまだ成長途中 問題ないでしょ?

ほら 明るく元気な心が 取り柄ですから!
(Fuwa Fuwa Fuwa Fuwa、Foo!)
へこみがちな時も 輝き続けよう

(はい! はい! Fuwa、Fuwa、Fuwa、Fuwa)
(はい! はい! はい! はい!)
(うーっ、Go! Go! Let's go!)

何もかもが新しくて 右も左もわからない時も
一つ一つ応援が 後押しになって一歩ずつでも

響き合ってほら 世界は今 色めいて

さあ その顔上げて みんなで手をとれば
これから夢の先へ 駆け出そう(もう一回!)

ほら 推しお仕事も止まらない 全力ですから!
大好きな想いが あふれそうなほど

(いぇーい! はい! はい!)
(Foo! こんこんっ!)
(はい! はい! Fuwa、Fuwa、Fuwa、Fuwa)

(いぇーい! はい! はい!)
(はい! はい! はい! はい!)

Translation in English of the Song
Say!fanfare! by Shirakami Fubuki

(Wow, Go!)
(Yeah! Yes! Yes!)
(Wow, Konkon!)
(Foo! Seno! Are you Ready?) )

It's a hot breath tea
(Yes, dozo!) From the usual place
I'm fine, so greetings
Oops Let's get started!

Chatting and spending time with the game
I love those days (huh)
That I tend to want to touch this too.

The song and the stage are still embarrassing (Foo!)
I'll support each other and deliver this voice

Say! (Yeah!)
Look, raise your face and take your hands together
(Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa)
Dive! (Foo!) Still more On the way
Let's cross the world

Say! (Yeah!)
See, I can't stop working!
(Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Foo!)
If you rewrite your dreams, let's keep chasing
Together (yes!) Connect (yes!)
Fanfare (Go! )

(Yeah! Yes! Yes!)
(Wow, this is it!)
(Foo! Seno! Go! Go! Let's go! !)

Even when I do a little bit
(It's okay!) I change my mind
I'm afraid in the afternoon
Stretch out

As soon as you get hungry, you can have a snack between mogumogu and tea
(Nnyaa !?)
I want that black girl to keep it a secret.

With the power of my friends and my friends (Foo!)
I want to make my wishes come true one by one in words

Say! (Yeah!)
Look, if you raise your hand and make a circle together
(Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa)
Dive! (Foo) !)
Isn't there any problem in the process of growing up?

Say! (Yeah!)
You see, I have a bright and energetic heart. !!
(Fuwa Fuwa Fuwa Fuwa, Foo!)

Let's keep shining even when it tends to be dented
Connect together (Yes!)
Encore (Go!)
(Yes! Yes! Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa)
(Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!)
(Wow! Go! Go! Let's go!)

Even when everything is new and you don't know right or left
I'm not the only one who worked hard
Even if the support is boosted one by one, step by step
I will polish myself in my own way

Even if I still groping for answers and images (huh!)
Resonate, see, the world is now colored

Say! (Yeah!)
Now, raise your face and take your hands together
(Fuwa) , Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa)
Dive! (Foo!)
Let's run beyond our dreams (again!)

Say! (Yeah!) <
You see, I'll do my best to keep working!
(Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Foo!) Connect (Yes!)
Fanfare! (Go!)

(Yeah! Yes! Yes!)
(Wow, hello!)
(Foo! Hello!)
(Yes! Yes! Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa, Fuwa)

(Yeah! Yes! Yes!)
(Wow, hello!)
(Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!)
(One, two, three, four!)

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