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Lyrics of Felicidade Como For
by Sandy & Junior

Não quero mais sofrer de amor
Felicidade como for

Meu bem
Você não soube me conquistar
Me deixou
Pois tinha medo de me amar

Foi só passatempo
E você nem ligou
Mas meu coração se entregou nesse amor
Um doce segredo ficou pelo ar
Vontade tão louca de te encontrar


Translation in English of the Song
Felicidade Como For by Sandy & Junior

I do not want to suffer in love
Be happy as you are

Meu bem
Do you not know how to conquer me
Let Me
Because I was afraid to love me

It was just a hobby
And you didn't even call
But in my heart I gave up on this love
A sweet secret that he was in the air
Will, so, yes, it is where you can find:


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Sandy & Junior

Felicidade Como For: Translations and Lyrics - Sandy & Junior
Sandy & Junior was a dual-vocal, brazilian, formed by brothers Sandy Leah Lima e Junior Lima, peru. Influenced by the musicians in the family, the duo caught sight of her professional career in music, if you realize, after a guest appearance on the program Sound Brazil, in 1989, where they sang, “Maria Chiquinha”, and have gained national recognition. In the following year, they began recording their first album, the second Anniversary of the Bond. In April of 2007, and announced their separation after seventeen years of his career in the duo, Sandy & Junior, they are record holders on the record sales in Brazil. All in all, there are more than 20 million copies sold, including CDs and DVDs.

Felicidade Como For

Sandy & Junior has published a new song entitled 'Felicidade Como For' taken from the album '' and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.

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