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Lyrics of Habana
by Miguel Bosé

Desde La Palma surqué los cielos
Con la ilusión de llegar a ti
Soñé entre nubes con todo aquello
De un azul para no olvidar
Vino a mi mente todas las cosas
Que me contaba abuelo de ti
Estar tan cerca de todo aquello
De tantas cosas para vivir
Senti de pronto que me envolvía
Un aire nuevo y una sonrisa
Pisaba el suelo que tanto amé
Y tan real lo que yo sentia
Era tu voz, tu mirada serena
Tu cielo abierto me recibía
Y un olor nuevo de piel morena
Apacible en el tiempo dama dormida

Hermosa dama del Caribe
Hace la herida entre dos mares
No hay poeta que no te vea y no se rinda
A la hermosura de tu gente y de tus calles
Adormecida y en tu letargo
Sigue soñando con el amor que te sepa dar
Un beso que te despierte y sentirte viva
Dejando tu traje gris y poder volar

Translation in English of the Song
Habana by Miguel Bosé

From La Palma I crossed the skies
With the illusion of reaching you
I dreamed among clouds of all that
Of a blue so as not to forget
All things came to my mind
What did grandfather tell me about you
Being so close to all that
Of so many things to live
I suddenly felt that it enveloped me
A new air and a smile
I stepped on the ground that I loved so much
And what I felt was so real
It was your voice, your serene look
Your open sky welcomed me
And a new smell of brown skin
Peaceful in time sleeping lady

Beautiful Caribbean lady
It makes the wound between two seas
There is no poet who does not see you and does not surrender
To the beauty of your people and your streets
Sleepy and in your lethargy
Keep dreaming of the love that knows how to give you
A kiss that I wake you up and feel alive
Leaving your gray suit and being able to fly

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Habana: Translations and Lyrics - Miguel Bosé


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