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Lyrics of Tatuagem
by Maria Rita

Quero ficar no teu corpo como tatuagem
Que é pra te dar coragem pra seguir viagem
Quando a oite vem
E também pra me perpetuar em tua escrava
Que você pega, esfrega, nega, mas não lava
Eu quero brincar no teu corpo feito bailarina
Que logo te alucina, salta e te ilumina
Quando a noite vem
E nos músculos exaustos do teu braco
Repousar frouxa,murcha, farta, morta de cansaco

Eu quero pesar feito cruz nas tuas costas
Que te retalha em postas, mas no fundo gostas
Quando a noite vem
Eu quero ser a cicatriz risonha e corrosiva
Marcada a frio, ferro e fogo em carne viva
Coracões de mãe, arpões, sereias e serpentes
Que te rabiscam o corpo todo mas não sentes

Translation in English of the Song
Tatuagem by Maria Rita

I want to stay on your body as a tattoo
Which is to give you courage to continue traveling
When night comes
And also to perpetuate me in your slave
That you take, rub, deny it, but don't wash
I want to play in your body like a ballerina
That soon hallucinates you, jumps and lights you up
When the night comes
And in the exhausted muscles of your arm
To rest loose, withered, full, dead of tiredness

I want to weigh like a cross on your back
That cuts you in pieces, but deep down you like it
When the night comes
I want to be the laughing and corrosive scar
Marked cold, iron and fire in raw flesh
Mother's hearts, harpoons, mermaids and snakes
That scrawl your whole body but don't feel

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Maria Rita

Tatuagem: Translations and Lyrics - Maria Rita
Maria Rita Camargo Mariano (São Paulo, September 9, 1977) is an american singer, record producer, and entrepreneur as a brazilian, she was the daughter of the celebrated singer Elis Regina, and to the arranger, and pianist César Camargo Mariano. He started his career only at the age of 24 in 2000, and three years later released a critically acclaimed debut album, which became a bestseller.


We present you the lyrics and the translation of Tatuagem, a news song created by Maria Rita taken from the album 'Redescobrir' published on Thursday 17 September 2020

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