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The Translation of X-ray Mind - Mad Season in Spanish and the original Lyrics of the Song
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X-ray Mind: Translation in Spanish and Lyrics - Mad Season Spanish
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Lyrics of X-ray Mind
by Mad Season

Do the laughs die when
One such as I run
And allow myself
Time for own true need
When convincing me
That you're on my team
May not lie to me
But not mentioning

So sit back and have
An hysterical laugh at tiny holes
Buy and trade men's souls

X-ray mind reads plenty
Worth no more than pennies

You, they, it or what
Have been fair, I thought
May you never free
You from you or me
See the more I think
I'm afraid to blink
I don't move an inch
Slowly draining me

Hire a spy and bug me
Pimp your friends for money
Rich and growing sicker
Sell the dead ones quicker

Translation in Spanish of the Song
X-ray Mind by Mad Season

Hacer las risas morir cuando
Como puedo ejecutar
Y me dejo
El tiempo para verdadera necesidad
Cuando me decidí
Que estás en mi equipo
No puede mentir a mí
Pero no mencionar

So sentarse y tener
Una risa histérica en pequeños agujeros
Comprar y el comercio de las almas de los hombres

X-ray mente lee un montón
No vale más de monedas de un centavo

si no, ellos, o por qué
Han sido justos, pensé
Puede que nunca gratis
Usted, de usted o de mí
Ver más pienso
Me temo que a parpadear
Yo no mover una pulgada
Lentamente el drenaje de mí

Hire un espía y me incomodan
Pimp tus amigos por el dinero
Rico y creciente más
Vender a los muertos más rápido

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Mad Season

X-ray Mind: Translations and Lyrics - Mad Season
Mad Season, an English expression for the time of year when hallucinogenic “psilocybin mushrooms are in full bloom, it was a supergroup, which is recognized by the participation of its members in other bands (Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and the Screaming Trees), who had already popularity.

X-ray Mind

We present you the lyrics and the translation of X-ray Mind, a news song created by Mad Season taken from the album 'Above' published on Tuesday 30 June 2020

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