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Lyrics of Roger Federer
by Luis7lunes

Traje polémica y un par de ideas locas
Me va a tocar colgarme pa' que estos temas den lucas
Alzan las manos hacia el cielo
Pero untadas de mierda nunca llegarán a donde el negro flota
El momento en el que el juez detiene la pelea
El gancho a la barbilla y aunque usted no crea
Que mi estilo se agranda como Ronnie Coleman
Se que riman tan mal, por el inicio de esta cefalea
No sabe nadie lo que el otro carga
Delgada línea entre comprarte rosas o comprarme un arma
Fuera del bar, calma que adentro habrá tormenta
Gambeta, espero que Dios me pague esta cuenta
Sumarle a la vida otra derrota
Y prestarle a la muerte un día más de copas
Las focas tirándole a esquimales
Todos mis males los cogí con un micro en la boca
Ustedes son tigres, pero de circo

La carne se las tiran desde el palco
Con tal de dar dos brincos, los fans son gallinazos
Si el tema es bueno, le aseguro que levantan el brazo
He estado meses sin dormir bien
Soñando con un Harem pero viviendo al cien
Mantengo cansado, con mi esperanza al lado
Mirándome a los ojos diciéndome: ya vendrá el tren
Con la pista adecuada los hago picada
Voy a la fija, soy una moneda con dos caras
Bruno Díaz o Batman, la gracia de Eric Cartman
Los busco y los cazó, es que son fantasmas en Pac-Man
A ver si ahora lo entienden
Que pa este disco a un vivo o a un santo se encomienden
Quedará la evidencia de que no hay contender
Contra el negro y yo
You know who they are, remember

Translation in English of the Song
Roger Federer by Luis7lunes

Costume controversy, and a couple of crazy ideas
I'm going to play hang me pa' these issues to give luke
Raise hands to the sky
But smeared shit will never get to where the black fleet
The moment the judge stops the fight
The hook to the chin, and although you do not create
My style is enlarged as Ronnie Coleman
Is that rhyme is so bad, by the start of this headache
Don't know no one that the other load
Thin line between buy you roses or buy me a gun
Outside the bar, calm inside and there will be storm
Magnificent, powerful drive, I hope that God will pay me for this account
Add to the life of another defeat
And lend to death a day more than glasses
The seals are shooting at eskimos
All my ills the I picked up with a micro in the mouth
You are the tiger, but circus
The meat is thrown from the stage
With such a give two bounds, the fans, are the turkey vultures
If the topic is good, I assure you that they lift the arm
I've been months without sleep well
Dreaming of a Harem but living to a hundred
I keep tired, with my hope in hand
Looking me in the eyes saying to me, ' come the train
With the appropriate track I chopped
I'm going to fixed, I am a coin with two sides
Bruno Diaz or Batman, the grace of Eric Cartman
The look and the hunted, is that they are ghosts in Pac-Man
To see if you now understand
That pa this disc at a live or a saint are assigned to
There is evidence that there is no contender
Against the black and I
You know who they are, remember

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Roger Federer: Translations and Lyrics - Luis7lunes
Luis7Lunes is a doctor by profession and a rapper by vocation. Although it has maintained a low profile, is one of the voices more known school rap from the city of Medellin. It was formerly known as “Luiyima”, the alias under which he made several productions before his current project Luis7Lunes, which made its debut in the year 2015 with the album Noises in Hamelin, produced in the studio M. A. A. T disc, which unveiled his particular style, in addition to containing important collaborations with several rappers and local producers, as Zof Ziro, Rogue, Vic Deal, Sison Beats, Tricks Rufino, The Baro, among others.

Roger Federer

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