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Lyrics of Easy Easy
by King Krule

Well same old Bobby, same old beat
Well yeah they got nothing on me
The same old cars, same old streets
But yeah they got nothing on me
And easy come and easy go
Well yeah I'm sure I told you so
Well they just want you for your dough
Man I'm sure I told you so
And with your dead-end job
That's been eating away your life
You feel a little inside
The trouble and strife
And now you spend your evenings
Searching for another life
And yeah I think, mate
I think you've got them in your sights

Well, easy easy
There's no need to take that tone

Well easy
I'm on the telephone
Man just leave us alone

Ow no I should've kept my receipts
Cause the sandwich I bought
Yeah it's been off for a week
And 'low Tesco's stealing my money
When positivity seems hard to reach
I keep my head down and my mouth shut
Cause if you going through hell
We just keep going

You're easy, so easy
You're easy
Man just leave us alone
I'll be one minute on the phone

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Easy Easy by King Krule

Así mismo viejo Bobby, el mismo golpe de edad
Bueno, sí, que no tiene nada en mí
La misma coches viejos, viejas calles
Pero sí que no tiene nada en mí
Y fácil viene y fácil se va
Bueno, sí, estoy seguro de que te lo dije
Así que sólo quieren que usted para su masa
Hombre, estoy seguro de que te lo dije
Y con tus muertos-trabajo final
Que se ha de comer fuera de su vida
Usted se siente un poco interior
Los problemas y conflictos
Y ahora usted pasar sus tardes
La búsqueda de otra vida
Y sí, creo, compañero
Creo que tienes en tu punto de mira

Well, fácil fácil
No hay necesidad de tomar ese tono

Así de fácil
Estoy en el teléfono
El hombre acaba de dejarnos solos
ahora no tendría que haber guardado mis recibos
Causa el sándwich que me compré
Sí que ha sido una semana
Y 'bajo Tesco robar mi dinero
Cuando la positividad parece difícil de alcanzar
Puedo mantener mi cabeza hacia abajo y la boca cerrada
Porque si usted va a través del infierno
Nos acaba de seguir

si no es fácil, así de fácil
Eres fácil
El hombre acaba de dejarnos solos
Voy a estar un minuto en el teléfono

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Easy Easy: Translations and Lyrics - King Krule
London's Archy Marshall (born 24 August 1994) was fiddling with the music equipment and create their own sound, since he was only a child. Even if he mixes and records his songs with only his laptop and was making music just for fun, has quickly gained an online. In 2011, he released an EP under his new stage name, King Krule (formerly Zoo Kid) and his unique sound has caught the attention of the indie music scene.

Easy Easy

King Krule has published a new song entitled 'Easy Easy' taken from the album '6 Feet Beneath the Moon' published on Sunday 21 June 2020 and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.

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