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Lyrics of Draag On
by King Krule

I hang my head for those
Who ain't been held too close
In times of pain
When the ceiling drips
The room's bathed in grey
Outside's a trip
For another day

I keep telling those
Expelling those
Negative whores to go away
But it seems to grip
More everyday
The walls get taller
'And how did you get this low?'
That's what the illness spoke

For every word they had to say
Better of not to see
Me this way
Better off just to leave it

Guess this ain't the world that I dreamt of
How many hits can I take?
How many things can one soul make?
I wrap myself inside my duvet
You think these blue giants feel the same?
You think they ever have these days?
You think they ever have these days?
You think they ever have these days?

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Draag On by King Krule

Cuelgo mi cabeza para aquellos
Que ain no se mantiene muy cerca
En momentos de dolor
Cuando el techo gotea
La habitación bañada en gris
Fuera de un viaje
Para otro día

I sigo diciendo a los
La expulsión de los
Negativo putas a desaparecer
Pero parece agarre
Cada día más
Las paredes de llegar más alto
'Y ¿cómo conseguir este bajo?'
Eso es lo que la enfermedad habló

Por cada palabra que tenía que decir
Mejor no ver
A mí de esta manera
Mejor dejarlo

Guess esto no es el mundo que soñé
Cuántas veces puedo tomar?
Cuántas cosas puede uno su alma?
Me envuelve a mí mismo dentro de mi edredón
Crees que estos azules gigantes se sienten de la misma?
Crees que alguna vez han ido estos días?
Crees que alguna vez han ido estos días?
Crees que alguna vez han ido estos días?

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King Krule

Draag On: Translations and Lyrics - King Krule
London's Archy Marshall (born 24 August 1994) was fiddling with the music equipment and create their own sound, since he was only a child. Even if he mixes and records his songs with only his laptop and was making music just for fun, has quickly gained an online. In 2011, he released an EP under his new stage name, King Krule (formerly Zoo Kid) and his unique sound has caught the attention of the indie music scene.

Draag On

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