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Lyrics of Love, Dad
by Harry Hudson

Everythingand#x27;s alright now, donand#x27;t you cryWhen youand#x27;re staring at the moonOn the other side, thatand#x27;s meCanand#x27;t forget, we wonand#x27;t run out of timeand#x27;Cause you, you gave up half of your life soMake me your foundationIand#x27;ll be waiting patientlyI am your creationWe know where theyand#x27;re taking me

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Love, Dad by Harry Hudson

Everythingand#x27;s ahora bien, donand#x27;t usted cryWhen you#x27;re mirando el moonOn el otro lado, thatand#x27;s meCanand#x27;t olvidar, no podemos wonand#x27;t de ejecutar fuera de timey#x27;Causa usted, le dio la mitad de su vida soMake me foundationIand#x27;ll estar esperando patientlyI soy tu creationWe saber donde theyand#x27;volver a tomar me

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Harry Hudson

Love, Dad: Translations and Lyrics - Harry Hudson
Harrison Rhodes a.k.a. Harry Hudson (born 2 June 1993) is an american singer-songwriter, folk rock, and pop music. His debut album, is Yesterday, Tomorrow Evening, come out to Jay-Z's Roc Nation record label. The single “Yellow Lights” went Top 10 on the Spotify US Viral chart, and Hudson has been named one of Pandora's Artist to Watch for 2018 on the music streaming service.

Love, Dad

Love, Dad is the new single from Harry Hudson taken from the album ''.

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