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Lyrics of Disfruto
by Haizeas

Disfrute todo momento a tu lado
Veo que todo esto ya pa ti quedo en pasado
Para mi no fue facil ser reemplazado
He vuelto a como antes solo, triste y alocado

Ya no me importan tus falsas promesas
Tu parla, tu labia da dolor de cabeza
Disfruto que ahora tu vienes a buscarme
Cuando era yo el que solía llamarte

Me complacia quererte
Pero a ti te quedo grande amarme
La vacilo solo ya que tu me terminaste
La verda ya me canse de tus palabras

Tu te fuiste en un abracadabra
Me decias que por mi todo tu dabas
Ya no creo en ti ni en tus babosadas
La plena todas mienten y piden ser amadas

Porque me ve diferente es que ella quiere arreglar
¿olvidaste todo mami?, para ti no hay vuelta atras
Ya no me tienes en tus brazos y eso es lo que te pesa
El valor de tus recuerdos se fueron en ron y un par cervezas
Antes me encantaban tus besos sabor a fressa
Ahora quieres que vuelva contigo mami que pereza
Pa onde ti no vuelvo ni que yo este mal de la cabeza

Translation in English of the Song
Disfruto by Haizeas

Enjoy every moment by your side
I see that all this is already in the past for you
For me it was not easy to be replaced
I have returned to how I was before alone, sad and crazy

I no longer care about your false promises
Your speech, your lip gives a headache
I enjoy that now you come to find me
When it was I who used to call you

I was pleased to love you
But it was great for you to love me
I hesitate only since you finished me
The truth is already tired of your words

You You left in an abracadabra
You told me that you gave everything for me
I no longer believe in you or your bullshit
The full one all lies and asks to be loved

Because she sees me differently, is that she wants to fix
Did you forget everything mommy? For you there is no turning back
You no longer have me in your arms and that is what weighs you down
The value of your memories were rum and a couple beers
Before I loved your kisses strawberry flavor
Now you want me to come back with you mommy what laziness
Pa where you do not return nor that I am sick of the head

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