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Lyrics of The Train Song
by God Machine

Met a girl in the rain
Waiting for a train
I said I missed my plane
She said I guess you'll have to stay
With me
Do you live far away
Sometime's it's hard to say
She said look it's starting to snow

And god I want to go
Where the sun goes
Where the sun
But she's so cold
But she's so

Translation in Spanish of the Song
The Train Song by God Machine

Conocí a una muchacha en la lluvia
La espera de un tren
Me dijo que me perdí mi avión
Ella dijo supongo que vas a tener que pasar
¿Vive muy lejos
A veces es difícil decir
Ella dijo aspecto de partida para la nieve

Y dios me quiero ir
Donde el sol se va
Donde el sol
Pero ella es tan fría
Pero ella es tan

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The Train Song: Translations and Lyrics - God Machine

The Train Song

We present you the lyrics and the translation of The Train Song, a news song created by God Machine taken from the album 'One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying...' published on Thursday 16 January 2020

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