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Lyrics of Day One
by Feng Suave

Behind the glass
A leaf is falling
Carried by a gentle sigh
A dog is walked
A lawn is watered
But what am I?

A golden frame
For an aching pain
I'll swallow
In a quiet room
While outside the flowers bloom
As they would anyway

The sick are brave
And extra loving
I'm none of that
I'm just sick and tired
The children play
Without a warning
The trees are yawning

But then its quiet

A pouring rain washes away
And its every word
All its faces flaunt concern
Cause what if it did?
And the storm persists
For many years
And I'll spend my days
As though it would
Sometimes I get choked up
Counting my prayers
In a holy sense of disarray
Cause I spend my days
Wishing things could ever change
As if they could

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Day One by Feng Suave

Detrás del vidrio
Una hoja se cae
Llevado por un suave suspiro
Un perro se acercó
Un césped se riega
Pero ¿qué soy yo?

Un marco dorado
Para un dolor de dolor
Voy a tragar
En una habitación tranquila
Mientras que fuera de la flor de flores
Como lo harían de todos modos

Los enfermos son valientes
Y extra amar
Soy ninguno de los que
Sólo estoy enfermo y cansado
El juego de los niños
Sin una advertencia
Los árboles son bostezos
Pero, a continuación, su tranquilidad

Una torrencial lluvia lava
Y en cada palabra
Todas sus caras alarde de preocupación
Porque lo que si lo hizo?
Y la tormenta persiste
Durante muchos años
Y voy a pasar mis días
Como si fuera a
De todos modos
A veces me atragantó hasta
Contando mis oraciones
En un sentido santo de desorden
Porque yo paso mis días
Desear cosas nunca podría cambiar
Como si pudieran
De todos modos

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Feng Suave

Day One: Translations and Lyrics - Feng Suave
Amsterdam-based psych pop/soul outfit Feng Soave composed of Daniel De Jong and Daniel Leonard Elvis, makes the music reminds of the times when the voice is drowned in reverb and instruments were apparently recorded under the water. Because the melodies and vocal melodies, reminiscent of the '60s and' 70s, and punchy bass lines, and warm, psychedelic deluge of radio waves embellished with dreamy effects, the music sometimes sounds more like a bold attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence rather than two boys playing pop songs.

Day One

Feng Suave has published a new song entitled 'Day One' taken from the album '' and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.

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