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Lyrics of Color Esperanza
by Diego Torres

Sé que hay en tus ojos con solo mirar
Que estas cansado de andar y de andar
Y caminar girando siempre en un lugar
Sé que las ventanas se pueden abrir
Cambiar el aire depende de ti
Te ayudara vale la pena una vez más
Saber que se puede querer que se pueda
Quitarse los miedos sacarlos afuera
Pintarse la cara color esperanza
Tentar al futuro con el corazón
Es mejor perderse que nunca embarcar

Mejor tentarse a dejar de intentar
Aunque ya ves que no es tan fácil empezar
Sé que lo imposible se puede lograr
Que la tristeza algún día se irá
Y así será la vida cambia y cambiará
Sentirás que el alma vuela
Por cantar una vez más
Vale más poder brillar
Que solo buscar ver el sol

Translation in English of the Song
Color Esperanza by Diego Torres

I know that there is in your eyes with just a look
You're tired of walking and walking
And to walk always turning in one place
I know that the windows can be opened
Change the air depends on you
Will help you worth once more
Know that you may want that can be
Remove your fears put them outside
Face-painting colour of hope
Tempt the future with the heart
It is better to get lost than never to embark

Better to be tempted to stop trying
Although you already see that it is not so easy to get started
I know that the impossible can be achieved
That the sadness some day will go
And so will be the life changes and will change
You will feel that the soul flies
By sing once more
It's worth more to shine
They only look to see the sun

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Diego Torres

Color Esperanza: Translations and Lyrics - Diego Torres
Diego Antonio Caccia Torres (aka Diego Torres) was born on march 9, 1971 in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, he brings an artistic legacy as the son of the singer and actress Lolita Torres.

Color Esperanza

Color Esperanza is the new single from Diego Torres taken from the album 'Un Mundo Diferente' published on Sunday 17 November 2019.

The list of 13 songs that compose the album is here:

This is a small list of songs created by that could be sung during the concert, including the name of the album from where each song came:
  • Color Esperanza

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