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The Translation of Chuva - Celso Adolfo in English and the original Lyrics of the Song
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Chuva: Translation in English and Lyrics - Celso Adolfo English
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Lyrics of Chuva
by Celso Adolfo

Eu quero cair
Caio na chuva que cai
Que molha o pé da cidade
Essa bondade me alegra
A chuva pinga na lata
Na avenida na mata
Não é ouro nem prata
Vem do céu prá cair
Molhar meu pé minha nuca
Minha mão corta a lenha
A lenha seca lá no porão

Não é pouca a alegria
Quando a chuva irradia
Nos seus fios de água
Seus brilhos de água
Vida plena vem
Na cantilena sadia
Tudo é muita alegria
Muita alegria!

Translation in English of the Song
Chuva by Celso Adolfo

I want to fall
I fall down in the rain drops
It dipped to the foot of the city
This goodness, it makes me happy
The rain drips on the can
On the promenade in the woods
It is not gold or silver
It comes from the sky so that he falls
Soak my feet in my neck
My hand's cut in the wood
The firewood is dry, there in the basement
It is not a little of the joy
When it rains it radiates
In his wire to the water
Its body shimmers in the water
Life in all its fullness comes from
In the cantilena sound
It is all a lot of joy
A lot of joy.

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