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Like A Man: Translation in Spanish and Lyrics - Boosie Badazz Spanish
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Lyrics of Like A Man
by Boosie Badazz

When kids was playinand#x27; with unicorns, I was washinand#x27; cars tryna blowTake a loss, get up and shake it off and water whip the cokeNo shoo-shooinand#x27;, no not Boosie, to your face Iand#x27;ll let you knowTreat a queen like a queen and a ho like a hoWent to the pen and I stood on my own, too fat mouthAnd slanginand#x27; shit, fist fights, bitch whatever that you want to doAuntie told me back downIand#x27;m beatinand#x27; your ass, no exceptionsUncle told me andquot;Fight and#x27;emYou canand#x27;t beat and#x27;em, go and get your weaponandquot;My homies died, I stood up like a manDo what you did to them, put that on Pimp, I donand#x27;t be playinand#x27;Bossed up, every time some problems hit the fanMe and my girl got a caseYour honor, thatand#x27;s mine, give me that 8, like a man

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Like A Man by Boosie Badazz

Cuando los niños se playinand#x27; con unicornios, yo estaba washinand#x27; coches tryna blowTake una pérdida, levantarse y shake it off y látigo de agua de la cokeNo shoo-shooinand#x27;, no, no Boosie, a su cara Aind#x27;ll le permiten knowTreat una reina como una reina y un ho como un hoWent para el lápiz y me puse de pie por mi cuenta, demasiado gordo mouthAnd slanginand#x27; mierda, puño de combate, puta lo que desea doAuntie me dijo de nuevo downIand#x27;m beatinand#x27; su culo, sin exceptionsUncle me dijo andquot;Lucha y#x27;emYou canand#x27;t beat y#x27;em, ir y obtener su weaponandquot;Mis homies muerto, me puse de pie como un manDo lo que les hicieron, puesto que en Chulo, me donand#x27;t ser playinand#x27;Entrenado para arriba, cada vez que algunos de los problemas golpear la fanMe y mi chica tiene un caseYour honor, thatand#x27;s de la mina, a mi me da que 8, como un hombre

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Boosie Badazz

Like A Man: Translations and Lyrics - Boosie Badazz
Torrence Hatch, formerly known as Lil Boosie is a Baton Rouge native, who debuted in 2000 with his first album youngest Of Da Camp, even if in the past it was in a rap group called 'Concentration Camp'.

Like A Man

Like A Man is the new single from Boosie Badazz taken from the album ''.

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