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Lyrics of No Vanguard Revival
by Bodega

If the members of the groups whose spirit you summon appeared in this room right now all the sudden…
Would they sign off on how you studied their time? How you subtly refined their vocab and mind?
Or would they say ‘look here what have we spawned? It’s a culture of pawns. It’s a lake full of small ponds.’
While we were doing Velvets
They were doing Dada
They turned on a sonnet
And ripped it back on it
While we were doing Pink Flag ecstatic at half mast
Still doing Velvets
Still doing Elvis

And there’s no vanguard revival
No vanguard revival
She said ‘There’s no vanguard revival. False concept.’
The vanguard never was. A false concept
Classical is modern
Returning is modern
If there’s no vanguard revival
Then the vanguard never was

Translation in Spanish of the Song
No Vanguard Revival by Bodega

Si los miembros de los grupos cuyo espíritu de convocar a aparecido en esta sala ahora de repente...
Tendría que firmar en cómo se ha estudiado su tiempo? Cómo sutilmente refinado de su vocabulario y de la mente?
O le dicen 'mira aquí lo que hemos generado? Es una cultura de peones. Es un lago lleno de pequeños estanques.'
Mientras estábamos haciendo Terciopelos
Que estaban haciendo Dada
Se convirtió en un soneto
Y arrancó de nuevo en él
Mientras estábamos haciendo el Rosa de la Bandera de éxtasis en la mitad del mástil
Sigue haciendo Terciopelos
Sigue haciendo Elvis

Y no hay vanguardia avivamiento
No hay vanguardia avivamiento
Ella dijo: 'no Hay una vanguardia avivamiento. Concepto falso.'
La vanguardia nunca fue. Un falso concepto
Clásico, moderno
Regresar es moderno
Si no hay vanguardia avivamiento
A continuación, la vanguardia nunca fue

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No Vanguard Revival: Translations and Lyrics - Bodega
Bodega there are five Brooklyn-based art rock band. The line up is: Ben Hozie (who is a singer and one of the two song writers of the group, Nikki Belfiglio (co-singer and co songwriter), Madison Velding-VanDam (guitarist), Heather Elle (bassist) and Montana Simone (drummer). They formed from the ashes of a previous group of Bodega Bay.

No Vanguard Revival

Bodega has published a new song entitled 'No Vanguard Revival' taken from the album 'Shiny New Model' and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.

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