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Baby Boy: Translation in Spanish and Lyrics - Beyoncé Spanish
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Lyrics of Baby Boy
by Beyoncé

Ya ready gimme da ting dat ya ready get ya liveAnd tell me all about da tings that you will fantasizeI know you dig da way me step da way me make my strideFollow your feelings baby girl because they cannot be deniedCome check me in-a night and make we get it amplifiedMe have da ting to run da ship cause Iand#x27;m go slip and Iand#x27;m go slideAnd in the words of love I got ta get it certifiedBut I give you da toughest longest kinda ride – girl

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Baby Boy by Beyoncé

Ya listo gimme da ting dat ya listo obtener ya liveAnd contarme todo acerca da los ajustes que se le fantasizeI saber de cavar da forma me paso que da forma a mí hacer mi strideFollow sus sentimientos niña porque no se puede deniedCome de verificación de mí en una noche y hacer lo conseguimos amplifiedMe han da ting para ejecutar da nave causa Aind#x27;m go de deslizamiento y Aind#x27;m ir slideAnd en las palabras de amor que yo tengo ta get it certifiedBut doy te da más duras un poco más largo paseo – chica

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Baby Boy: Translations and Lyrics - Beyoncé
In the 2000s, no pop star was as poised, as polished, or as generally fierce as Beyoncé. He scored the first hit with Destiny's Child, which started as an sexy and sassier (if less adult) version of TLC, then steadily became more and more of a vehicle for Beyoncé's operatic vocals and general diva-tude — that may have been the plan all along.

Baby Boy

Baby Boy is the new single from Beyoncé taken from the album ''.

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