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Lyrics of Espatódea
by Anavitória

Minha cor
Minha flor
Minha cara
Quarta estrela
Letras, três
Uma estrada

Não sei se esse mundo é bom
Mas ele ficou melhor
Desde que você chegou
E perguntou:
'Tem lugar pra mim?'


Cor de pólen
Sol do dia
Nuvem branca
Sem sardas

Não sei quanto o mundo é bom
Mas ele está melhor
Desde que você chegou
E explicou o mundo pra mim
Não sei se esse mundo está são
Mas, pro mundo que eu vim, já não era
Meu mundo não teria razão
Se não fosse a Zoé

Translation in English of the Song
Espatódea by Anavitória

My color
My flower
My face
Fourth star
Letters, three
One road

I don't know if this world it's good
But it got better
Since you arrived
And asked:
'Is there a place for me?'

Espatódea < br /> Gineceu

Color of pollen
Sun of the day
White cloud
No freckles

I don't know how good the world is < br /> But he's better
Since you arrived
And he explained the world to me
I don't know if this world is healthy
But for the world I came to, no longer it was
My world wouldn't be right
If it weren't for Zoé

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Espatódea: Translations and Lyrics - Anavitória
Anavitória is a duo of brazil, formed by Ana Veloso, and Winning a Falcon, native of Araguaína in the state of Tocantins.


Anavitória has published a new song entitled 'Espatódea' taken from the album 'N' published on Saturday 1 August 2020 and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.

The album is composed by 11 songs. You can click on the songs to see the corresponding lyrics and translations:

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