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La Vida: Translation in English and Lyrics - Al2 El Aldeano English
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Lyrics of La Vida
by Al2 El Aldeano

La vida es rara, no sabes lo que ella te depara
Da vueltas y giros fuertes, te puedes caer que ella no para
Solo trata de vivirla, no trates de comprenderla
Solo pueden entenderla ni los que ya tienen canas

La vida quizás me diseñó para decirte esto

Solo con la barriga llena el corazón no está contento
Cómo hice esto me preguntas
Pero se te olvida que la técnica es la técnica
Y sin técnica no hay vida

Translation in English of the Song
La Vida by Al2 El Aldeano

Life is weird, you don't know what she has in store for you
Turns and sharp turns, you can fall that she is not to
Just try to live it, don't try to understand it
Only you can understand it or those who already have gray hairs

Life, perhaps, I intended to tell you this
Only with the full belly, the heart is not happy
How I did this ask me
But you forget that the technique is the technique
And without technique there is no life

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Al2 El Aldeano

La Vida: Translations and Lyrics - Al2 El Aldeano
Autobiography of Al2 The Villager My name is Aldo Rodriguez Baquero, was born in Havana, or whether I am cuban. I am one of the members of the rap group The Villagers. I started rapping more than a decade ago. My work revolves around the society, your reality, love, rhyme, and imagination. I'm 31 years old and more or less an album for each year. I use hip-hop as a tool to release positively my discontent and to bring a message of hope and strength. Hip-hop is my life, my death, my laughter, my tears, my eyes, my soul, my world. I am just another inhabitant of the planet with a commitment to poetry and truth.

La Vida

La Vida is the new single from Al2 El Aldeano taken from the album ''.

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