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Lyrics of Bittermaan
by Spoegwolf

Die reën raas harder as die lugverwarmer
Toemaar, toemaar, toe
Ek het blomme gekoop

Die woude roer, die water roei verwaarloos
Toemaar, toemaar, toe
Dit is stil in die huis

En dis veilig onder jou plafon
Met jou vreemde klanke
En jou vreemde son
Ek is broos soos die waarheid vir ʼn leun
Sê my waar is jou verliefde heen

Ek sukkel om te staan
Ek skree jou naam

Hierdie mense volg my waar ek gaan

Waar’s jy nou?

Hoor jy dis ek
Ek het vergeet hoe om te dans
Maar ek kan dryf
As jy nie op my voete staan nie
Die buite-fokus reën maak patrone op die venster
Verdwaalde druppels ek is een
Maar jy nie

Translation in English of the Song
Bittermaan by Spoegwolf

The rain roars louder than the air heater
Close, close, then
I bought flowers

The forests stir, the water rows neglected
Close, close, close
And it's safe under your ceiling
With your strange sounds
And your strange sun
I'm as fragile as the truth forʼn lean
Tell me where your lover is going

I struggle to stand
I shout your name

Bitter moon
These people follow me wherever I go

Where are you now?

Do you hear it's me
I forgot how to dance
But I can float
If you do not stand on my feet
The out-of-focus rain makes patterns on the window
Lost drops I am one
But you do not

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Bittermaan: Translations and Lyrics - Spoegwolf


Bittermaan is the new single from Spoegwolf taken from the album 'Somer'.

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This is a small list of songs created by that could be sung during the concert, including the name of the album from where each song came:
  • Agtersitplek
  • Bittermaan

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