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Translation in Spanish of the Song
Freaks by Surf Curse

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Freaks: Translation in Spanish and Lyrics - Surf Curse Spanish
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No me mates, solo ayúdame a huir
De todos, necesito un lugar donde quedarme
Donde pueda cubrirme la cara
No llores, solo soy un fenómeno

Solo soy un monstruo
Solo soy un fanático
Solo soy un fanático

Mi cabeza está llenacon parásitos

Agujeros negros cubren mis ojos
Sueño contigo casi todas las noches
Ojalá no me despierte esta vez

GanéNo me despiertes esta vez
No me despertaré esta vez
No me despertaré esta vez

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Audio and Video of Freaks
by Surf Curse

Lyrics of Freaks
by Surf Curse

Don't kill me, just help me run away
From everyone, I need a place to stay
Where I can cover up my face
Don't cry, I am just a freak

I am just a freak
I am just a freak
I am just a freak

My head is filled with parasites
Black holes cover up my eyes
I dream of you almost every night
Hopefully I won't wake up this time

I won't wake up this time
I won't wake up this time
I won't wake up this time


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Surf Curse

Freaks: Translations and Lyrics - Surf Curse
Surf Curse is a group consisting of Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck. Surf Curse was formed in Reno, Nevada in 2012, however before they decided on the name of Surf Curse they were called Buffalo 66.


Surf Curse has published a new song entitled 'Freaks' taken from the album 'Demos' and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation.

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