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Lyrics of Soundtrack Of My Life
by Liliana Buruca

When I was born 1998 Sleeping With Sirens-Lets Cheers to this
Meeting my best friend Alex 2011 Cher Lloyd-Oath
Moving to Georgia 2012 Never Shout Never-Big City Dreams
Being the new kid at school 2012 One Republic-Stop and Stare
Getting into Step 2012-2013 The Goo Goo Dolls-Iris

Turning 15 06-24-13 Fun-We are young
Going to Daytona Beach 2013 One Direction-Up all night
Starting school August 2013 Pink Floyd-Another Brick in the wall

Translation in Spanish of the Song
Soundtrack Of My Life by Liliana Buruca

Cuando yo nací 1998 Dormir Con las Sirenas-Permite a los Aplausos para este
Conocer a mi mejor amigo Alex 2011 Cher Lloyd-Juramento
Mudarse a Georgia 2012 Nunca Gritan Nunca-Gran Ciudad de los Sueños
Ser el chico nuevo en la escuela de 2012 Una República-Detener y Stare
Llegar a la etapa 2012-2013 The Goo Goo Dolls-Iris

Girando 15 06-24-13 Divertido-Somos jóvenes
Va a Daytona Beach 2013 One Direction-toda la noche
A partir de la escuela de agosto de 2013 Pink Floyd-another Brick in the wall

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