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Lyrics of North Pole
by Injury Reserve

It's been so long, since you been home
Since I been home, at the north pole
I hit your phone , nights get so cold
Wind through my bones, at the north pole
I just need you, something to hold

Someone to know, at the north pole
I am just me, something to hold
Gets so alone, at the north pole

Translation in Spanish of the Song
North Pole by Injury Reserve

Ha sido tanto tiempo, ya que ha sido el hogar
Ya he estado en casa, en el polo norte
Me golpeó el teléfono , las noches son tan frías
El viento a través de mis huesos, en el polo norte
Solo necesito de ti, algo para celebrar
Alguien que sepa, en el polo norte
Soy sólo yo, algo para celebrar
Se pone tan solo, en el polo norte

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Injury Reserve

North Pole: Translations and Lyrics - Injury Reserve
Injury Reserve is a rap trio hailing from Arizona composed by producer Corey Parker and emcees Ritchie with a T and Stepa J. Groggs.

North Pole

North Pole is the new single from Injury Reserve taken from the album ''.

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